1.   Quality Principles

    A proactive pursuit of customer satisfaction is the primary focus of Tilke & Partners and the responsibility of each Tilke & Partners employee (We call this the T&P concept of internal and external customers):

    The external customer, our client, is the reason why we remain in business and hence the ultimate goal of Tilke & Partners is to add value for our client. The Tilke Management System  ensures understanding and communication between the consultant and client, leading to clear and achievable expectations of the service or product that the client receives (and deserves).

    The internal customer, the "next person" , is the option to increase the quality of the product for our client and hence this concept is vital within TIlke & Partners. That means finding out what the customer, i.e. the next person in line, wants or needs and then delivering the required product. Defined in this way, all individuals in the firm deserve treatment as customers.

    In conclusion Tilke & Partners and the Tilke Management System  focus on and promote customer satisfaction and continuous improvement and contribute to delivering added value to our clients.

    Client relationship

    Client relationship begins well before project initiation and hence the project proposal phase, pre-project relationship and pre-contract activities are crucial to a close working relationship and the development of trust and confidence. We believe that this relationship should be nurtured, maintained and further developed during and after the performance of our services.